Pro 300 Over-Sized Putter Grip


The Pro 300 retriever cup has a ridge on the inside of the cup which snaps into a groove on the end of the putter cap. This secures the cup to the putter grip and prevents it falling off in your bag. When it time to replace your retriever cup, just pull hard and twist at the same time and the cup will release.



The New Pro 300 Putter Grip

  • ¬†Conforms to the rules of golf
  • Has replaceable retriever cup
  • Newly Design Retriever Cup
  • Boasts 50% more grab power
  • Picks up ball under water
  • Comes with one year guarantee
  • Additional retriever cups available

The Pro 300 is made with a new embossing and paint accents and is made from an ultra soft, super lightweight polyurethane material that offers a superior and tacky feel.

Core Size: Fits any standard putter shaft.
Weight: 70g